A B O U T  F A B U L O U S

Established in Seoul in 2010, Fabulous has produced a myriad of premium film contents for the performing arts. Our most notable works include popular European musicals.

With numerous successful productions of digital media contents under its belt, Fabulous has accumulated professional perspective and skill. Drawing from its expertise, Fabulous has produced HyperPavilion, an exhibition in the digital age we are now in, to premiere at Venice Biennale 2017. 

In this digital day and age, Art has become an Experience. Fabulous will continue to bring that experience to people by combining art and technology in all our projects.


H  I  S  T  O  R  Y  
2017. 10

2017. 05~10

2017. 03

2016. 12
HyperDome HD2  2017 [Exhibition]

HyperPavilion 2017 [Exhibition]

An official announcement of HyperPavilion

Notre-Dame de Paris 4K3D/VR Filming
Le Rouge et Le Noir 4K3D/VR Filming
Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story 4K3D/VR Filming

2016. 10

The Legend of King Arthur Big Screen
Samsung Gear ICONX  x  Colette Promotion

2016. 02
The 2nd Art Prize by Seoul Arts Center, Achievement Award
2015. 07
Seoul Arts Center SAC ON SCREEN "The Magic Flute" (Opera), "The Empress (Musical) in 4K
2015. 06
World’s first live broadcast of 3-sided multiscreen "TVXQ-Live in Seoul " (200 theaters in Korea and Japan)
Dior exhibition at DDP in Seoul

2015. 05
Chanel fashion show in Seoul
2015. 04
Three-sided live broadcast of Super Junior D&E Nagoya Concert (SM Entertainment)
2014. 09
Odysseo in 3D/Screen X (Funded by the Ministry of Future Planning)
2013. 12
Block B Music Documentary "B'ifferent"
The Nutcracker (Korean National Ballet)
Into Thin Air (Korea National Contemporary Dance Company)
Mephisto (Seoul Arts Center)
TVXQ! Production Note

2013. 09

1789 : The Lovers of Bastille in 3D (Funded by the Ministry of Culture)
2012. 06
I AM - SM Town In Madison Sq. Garden
2011. 12
2AM SHOW Live in 3D Winner at the 1st Annual 3D Awards (Ministry of Information and Communication)
2011. 11
Mozart, the Rock Opera in 3D (SK Telecom)
2011. 04
Certified as a venture company
2010. 12

2010. 10
2AM SHOW Live in 3D Shoot

Wheesung Live in 3D Shoot
2010. 04
Fabulous established



Approved by the Global Top-Tier

D i r e c t i n g

- Odysseo by Cavalia
- Popular French musicals
- Chanel fashion show & Dior exhibition

 - Operas, Musicals, Concerts, and more!


Combining Culture and Technology for a New Experience

T e c h n o l o g y

- World’s first live broadcast of 3-sided multiscreen film      [TVXQ/200 theaters in Korea and in Japan]
- World’s first musical film in 3D [Mozart, the Rock Opera    /Europe and Korea]
- Korea’s first full-length concert film [Wheesung/Korea]
- Las Vegas Cinemacon, 3-sided multiscreen, Screen X          [Odysseo by Cavalia]
- World’s First musical film in 360 3D VR - The Legend of      King Arthur
- World’s first 10K big screen film - The Legend of King        Arthur
-12K 3D circle vision film
- Samsonite viral 4K3D VR film
- Samsung Gear Icon X film


World Renowned Creators & Distributors

N e t w o r k i n g

- Distributors: Sony, TF1, Warner, NRJ, Gaumont Pathé,     Universal
- Production experience with French musical producers   & writers (Les Misérables)
- Co-founder and technicians of “Cirque du Soleil”
- Grammy award-winning audio team
- Renowned crew members from Hollywood

F A B U L O U S   L E A D E R S H I P


MBA, Korea University Business School Producer & Director :

- The Legend of King Arthur in 3D

- Odysseo by Cavalia in 3D/Screen-X

- 1789: The Lovers of Bastille in 3D

Director : 

- I AM: SM Town at Madison Square Garden

- The Nutcracker
- The Magic Flute

- The Empress (Seoul Arts Center on Screen )



CEO, Eastar Jet Advisor

Eastar Jet Business & Marketing Operations Manager, Eastar Jet Regional Manager :

- Korean Air, Brisbane

- Korean Air, Auckland Chief Manager of Oceanic          Routes
- Korean Air Overseas Business Operations                      
- Hanjin Travel Adjunct Professor
- Hanyang University Graduate School of                          International Tourism